SEOKHO 丨 Support the production of masks and make a contribution to the epidemic prevention work

SEOKHO 丨 Support the production of masks and make a contribution to the epidemic prevention work

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SEOKHO 丨 Support the production of masks and make a contribution to the epidemic prevention work


After the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus in my country, it has touched the hearts of people all over the country.

Recently, the situation of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection is severe. The whole city conscientiously implements the spirit of the provincial and municipal meetings, strictly implements a scientific, systematic and effective prevention and control work system, continues to promote the "grid" prevention and control mechanism, unites as one to prevent the epidemic, and weaves a tight prevention and control network.

In order to effectively provide protection for prevention and control materials, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau rushed to "Jinhua Keda Medical Equipment" Co., Ltd. to organize the production of medical masks, but found that the fully automatic medical mask production line (prototype) purchased by the company in 2018 has many technologies Defects, unable to form production capacity in the short term.

After learning of the technical demand, Deputy Director Fan Yali of the Economic and Information Bureau immediately contacted the provincial "machine substitution" engineering service company cultivated by our city to participate in technical research.

Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd., located in the development zone, responded to the call for the first time to participate in equipment technology research.

On-site guidance and supervision

In this technological improvement, Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

First, adjust the raw material feeding tension, forming abrasives, wrinkle group positioning card, and discharge motor maintenance of the mask body machine;

Secondly, adjust the sensor position, mechanism positioning, tool grinding, ear pressing mechanism welding, control system optimization and other technical problems of the inner ear strap welding machine of the mask, and provide air storage tanks, refrigerated dryers, large-diameter air pipes, speed regulation for the normal operation of the equipment. devices, capacitors and other materials;

Employees are concerned about the epidemic and improve production efficiency

At the same time, with the support of Shengchang Machinery, Huixin Door Industry, government departments at all levels and many volunteers, as of January 30, the semi-automatic production of the "mask production line" has been realized, with a production efficiency of about 1,500 qualified medical masks per hour. masks; on January 31, the production capacity of 3,000 qualified medical masks per hour was achieved.

Mask production line

The situation of the new coronavirus epidemic is severe. Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd. supported Jinhua's mask manufacturing industry, optimized and improved the mask production line in a short period of time, achieved accelerated mask production, supported scarce materials, and contributed to the disaster. strength.

Hope China can survive this difficulty, come on China!


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