SEOKHO 丨 Intelligent manufacturing case, camshaft processing production line

SEOKHO 丨 Intelligent manufacturing case, camshaft processing production line

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SEOKHO 丨 Intelligent manufacturing case, camshaft processing production line


Take a camshaft as an example:

The camshaft is the key component that controls the opening and closing of the valve in a piston engine.

Camshaft machining requires the dimensional accuracy of the bearing journals and the coaxiality between the bearing journals, the dimensional and positional accuracy of the keyway, the perpendicularity of the thrust surface relative to the bearing journal line, and the dimensional accuracy and relative relationship of the cam base circle. For the coaxiality of the bearing journal axis, the positional accuracy of the cam, the shape accuracy of the cam, etc.

The project products use precision equipment such as industrial robots, online monitoring, transition transmission, auxiliary special machines combined with high-precision cam grinders, and introduce SEOKHO MES system to control the whole process of cam machining, and realize automatic cam processing, cleaning, inspection and packaging.

The main functions include, the integration process includes

Fine turning 1, reversing table, fine turning 2, cam positioning, machining center, conveyor line, cam rough grinding, high frequency quenching, gear hobbing, conveyor line, cam fine grinding, laser marking, cylindrical grinding, cylindrical grinding , transfer table, conveying line, testing and packaging workstation.

"Machine substitution" results

Through the transformation of "machine substitution", the 10 main processes of camshaft machining are systematically integrated to realize automatic loading and unloading, detection and data recording and full closed-loop monitoring control of camshaft machining. The project reduces labor by 10 and improves product quality The processing efficiency and quality of the production line are less than 78S/piece.

A camshaft is a component in a piston engine. Its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve. Although the speed of the camshaft in a four-stroke engine is half of that of the crankshaft, it usually still has a high speed and needs to withstand a lot of torque. Therefore, the design requires high strength and support for the camshaft, and its material It is generally special cast iron, and occasionally forgings are used.

According to the number of overhead camshafts, passenger car engines are divided into overhead single camshafts and overhead double camshafts. When more than two valves are used in each cylinder, there are generally two types of valve arrangements: one is that the intake valve and the exhaust valve are mixed on one camshaft, that is, SOHC-Single Over Head Cam (SOHC-Single Over Head Cam) type engine.

This type of engine has only one camshaft installed on the top, so there are generally only two to three valves per cylinder (one or two for intake and one for exhaust), and high-speed performance is limited. The other is that the intake valve and the exhaust valve are arranged on two camshafts. The DOHC (Double Over Head Cam, overhead double camshaft) engine is equipped with two camshafts, each cylinder can be Installing four to five valves (two to three for the intake and two for the exhaust), the high-speed performance has been significantly improved.

The company currently has 81 patents for intelligent manufacturing projects (including 15 inventions), 27 software copyrights, and 7 provincial-level new products. There are 35 core R&D personnel in the company's high-tech research and development center, 3 with doctorate/high school degree, and 7 with master's degree or above.



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