Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot was rated as a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City

Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot was rated as a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City

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Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot was rated as a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City


Enterprise patent work is an important part of enterprise reform and development, as well as an important part of establishing a modern enterprise system. The patent demonstration enterprise is a model of the enterprise's patent work. It is necessary to fully rely on and use the patent system, promote the technological innovation of the enterprise, and expand the total amount of independent intellectual property rights. It is necessary to take practical measures to incorporate patent work into the technological innovation, production, operation and other aspects of the enterprise, so as to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in the domestic and foreign markets.

Patent demonstration enterprises should take patent work as an important measure to promote technological innovation of the enterprise, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, especially scientific and technological personnel, focus on promoting the scientific and technological progress of the enterprise, and make remarkable achievements in the following aspects:

(1) Establish an effective patent working mechanism, and implement institutions, personnel and funds.

(2) To formulate special publicity and training plans to improve the intellectual property awareness of enterprise employees and cultivate enterprise intellectual property management talents.

(3) Strengthening the management of enterprise patents, including the development, application, follow-up management and protection of patents, etc., especially strengthening the management of files related to patent application and protection formed in technical activities and the regulation of technical personnel's business activities.

(4) Strengthen the use of patent information and improve the ability of enterprises to use patent information. Before and during the development of new technologies and new products, it is necessary to conduct patent literature searches to improve the starting point of research and development and avoid low-level duplication and infringement of others' patent rights; Anyone involved in a patent should search for its legal status to avoid undue losses and prevent infringement of others' patent rights.

(5) To carry out the research and implementation of the enterprise patent strategy. Formulate a relatively complete patent development plan, and the enterprise has a certain ability to apply the patent system.

(6) Establish an enterprise patent work performance evaluation system, organically combine the evaluation and evaluation of patent work and technological innovation work, increase the distribution and reward of patent achievements, and form an effective incentive mechanism.

Zhejiang SEOKHO Technology Co., Ltd. has been rated as a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinhua City after strict examination. SEOKHO Robot has 15 invention patents, 27 software copyrights, 87 utility models, and 7 provincial-level new products. Intelligent manufacturing, With the goal of innovative manufacturing, we are committed to providing mechanical automation solutions for the surrounding manufacturing industries.


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