The second batch of provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises released

The second batch of provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises released

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The second batch of provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises released


Recently, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission announced the list of the second batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Three enterprises from Jinhua Development Zone are on the list, namely Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Kehui. Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., the number of selected enterprises ranks first in the city.

It is reported that the provincial service-oriented demonstration enterprises mainly focus on four directions: supply chain management, product life cycle management, general integrated general contracting services, and information value-added services, and focus on examining the effectiveness of enterprises’ transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, including Indicators such as service element input, service revenue, service contribution rate to revenue and profit growth, measures in model innovation, management innovation, service innovation, etc., as well as the promotion of enterprise quality, efficiency, transformation and upgrading.

The three companies selected by Jinhua Development Zone all have certain advantages in production technology and technology, service capabilities and levels, and can carry out model innovation and form competitiveness around core manufacturing capabilities. , information network platform construction, service performance, production and service personnel training and other aspects have achieved certain results.

Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2015, mainly to provide overall automation solutions for industrial users. One-stop service for intelligent upgrading and technical transformation. In 2017, it achieved sales revenue of 11 million yuan, of which technical service revenue accounted for nearly 90%. "We have always adhered to the goal of improving customer satisfaction and improving the level of the machinery industry, so this listing is also an incentive for us." said Hong Ling, general manager of the company.

The transformation of manufacturing enterprises to service can not only bring new opportunities for enterprises, help enterprises become bigger and stronger, but also provide new development momentum for the industry. "We will continue to guide enterprises to carry out service-oriented transformation, so as to improve the supply of industrial products, solve the current development contradictions and constraints faced by the manufacturing industry, and improve the competitiveness and market share of enterprises." The relevant person in charge of the Economic Development Bureau of Jinhua Development Zone said.


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