City leaders visit SEOKHO to inspect and guide the work

City leaders visit SEOKHO to inspect and guide the work

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City leaders visit SEOKHO to inspect and guide the work


On the morning of November 1st, Shao Yinghua, Deputy Secretary General of Jinhua Municipal People's Government and Director of Commerce and Trade Department, accompanied by Deputy Director Zhong Ming of Jinhua Economic and Information Commission, visited Jinhua City Tool Hardware Industry "Machine Substitution" Engineering Service Platform (Zhejiang SEOKHO Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.), to examine the results of platform construction.

Deputy Secretary-General Li and his party listened to the work reports of SEOKHO Chairman Yu Xing, General Manager Dr. Hong Ling, and Chief Technical Advisor Zhang Qingquan, senior engineer, and visited the "Jinhua Industrial Robot Training Center" and "Digital Factory R&D Workshop" developed by the platform. ”, and visited the 10 “machine substitution” model production lines successfully constructed by the engineering service platform: the guide plate stamping, spot welding, quenching, grooving, assembly, spraying, and saw chain sharpening and assembly of Jinhua Huihuang Sanlian Tools Industry Co., Ltd. , testing, packaging, automatic warehouse and other intelligent workshops.

The inspection leaders fully affirmed the construction results of the platform, and hoped that SEOKHO will continue to improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and hope that "machine-replacement" engineering service companies like SEOKHO can develop rapidly, and make great efforts to promote the work of "machine-replacement" in the region. contribute.

Before the end of the inspection, Deputy Secretary-General Li said: "I hope SEOKHO can grow better!" Hong Ling, general manager of SEOKHO Company, promised to the inspection leaders on behalf of the platform construction unit: "We will continue to "manufacture intelligent manufacturing", and I believe that in the government With the encouragement of , we will win the market and serve Jinhua's "machine substitution" and intelligent manufacturing strategy.



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