Jinhua held a "Small Engineering Science Conference" in Shanghai - our city's enterprises went to Shanghai to carry out precise docking of key technologies in key manufacturing industries

Jinhua held a "Small Engineering Science Conference" in Shanghai - our city's enterprises went to Shanghai to carry out precise docking of key technologies in key manufacturing industries

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Jinhua held a "Small Engineering Science Conference" in Shanghai - our city's enterprises went to Shanghai to carry out precise docking of key technologies in key manufacturing industries


At present, cultivating key sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry has become an important starting point for Jinhua to revitalize the real economy. On July 2, our city held a special report meeting to make arrangements for relevant work; on July 3, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau jointly organized relevant enterprises to go to Shanghai to carry out precise docking activities for key technologies in key sub-sectors.

Aim for the frontier and crack the puzzle. During the event, more than 160 principals and technical leaders of enterprises in key sub-sectors from across the city walked into universities and research institutes in Shanghai, focusing on biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing and materials, new energy vehicles and accessories, Smart door (lock) and other key sub-industry key technologies, 5 thematic docking activities were launched simultaneously.

The atmosphere of each docking site was lively, scientists and entrepreneurs treated each other frankly, jumping with sparks of thought, and many companies found directions or solutions to overcome technical difficulties. Scientists were moved by the strong thirst for science and technology of Jinhua enterprises. Entrepreneurs returned with a full reward in just one day. The organizers were also infected by the atmosphere of the scene. Can".

In this docking event, the scientific and technological departments provided precise services, helping enterprises to reach a number of cooperation intentions, and the docking results were fruitful. Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongpai Intelligent Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Duobao Baby Products Co., Ltd., Jinhua Wonderful Commodity Co., Ltd., Yiwu Zhongke Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haoyidian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The person in charge of the company and other enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges and docking with expert teams in various fields, and reached a number of cooperation intentions respectively.

For example, Luo Junfeng, executive vice president of Jinhua Wonderful Commodities Co., Ltd., has developed a strong interest in the "lignocellulosic material achievements" of Shanghai Jiaotong University through the release of results and the connection of technologies. After the summit, Luo Jun had in-depth exchanges with experts from Jiaotong University, and got in touch with Zhao Binyuan, a senior professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University who was on a business trip. Professor Zhao has been deeply involved in this field for 15 years and has profound technical accumulation. He is also willing to cooperate with Jinhua enterprises in production, education and research. After learning about the situation, he rushed to Jinhua from Hangzhou in the rain without stopping. He arrived at Wonderful Company that night to work with the enterprise. Further cooperation, negotiation and docking.


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the city's industrial conference and accurately serve the city's key sub-sectors, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau organized enterprises to go to Shanghai to carry out the key technology docking activities for intelligent control of the intelligent door lock industry. Relevant persons in charge of the Economic (Business) Bureau of Yongkang City, Wuyi County, Pujiang County, Jinyi Metropolitan New Area and 17 key enterprises including Qunsheng, Buyang, Xingyue and Wangli participated in the event.

The activity group visited and inspected the 2019 Shanghai International Lock & Security Products Exhibition. The team members carried out on-site docking with exhibitors, strengthened business contacts, and deepened the exchange and cooperation of key technologies in the smart door lock industry. The atmosphere was warm.

Zhang Yuehua, deputy researcher of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, actively promoted Jinhua to exhibitors, publicized the city's eight major sub-sector cultivation policies and plans, and welcomed enterprises to come to Jinhua for exchanges and docking.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, in the domestic market, technologies such as the Internet of Things and biometric identification have been applied to smart door locks. As the core single product of smart home security products, smart door locks have become an indispensable core component of the smart home ecological chain, and the industry is entering a period of rapid development. Seizing the critical period, leading the smart door lock enterprises in our city to speed up technology research and development, strengthen brand building, and enhance industrial competitiveness is crucial.


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