The province's industrial Internet platform construction site meeting was held in Jinhua

The province's industrial Internet platform construction site meeting was held in Jinhua

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The province's industrial Internet platform construction site meeting was held in Jinhua


On May 16, the province's industrial Internet platform construction site meeting and Jinhua Industrial Internet Platform Promotion Conference were held in our city. Experts and scholars from the province's manufacturing enterprises and information service industries gathered together to discuss the construction and application of the industrial Internet platform.


People, equipment, materials, and products are generating massive amounts of data all the time. Industrial Internet is to introduce Internet technology and thinking mode into traditional industries, and transfer, mine, and integrate these data in a timely manner. Building an industrial Internet platform is of great significance to traditional industries. Wu Junqing, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, said in his speech that the Industrial Internet, as a product of the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, will have an all-round, profound and revolutionary impact on future industrial development. As a major manufacturing province and a major digital economy province, Zhejiang has a good foundation and advantages for the development of the Industrial Internet. Take the lead in promoting the establishment of a "1+N" industrial Internet platform system and industry alliance in the country, and promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. By 2020, Zhejiang will form a distinctive "1+N" industrial Internet platform system, and basically achieve full coverage of industrial Internet applications in major industries in the province.


In recent years, our city has conscientiously implemented a series of decisions and deployments of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on the development of the Internet economy, actively embraced big data, vigorously developed the digital economy, and unswervingly promoted industrial transformation and upgrading through the integration of manufacturing and the Internet. The Internet has become a new driving force and a new engine for the innovation and development of Jinhua's traditional manufacturing industries. In order to further guide enterprises to speed up the construction of industrial Internet platforms, the city's policy support is unprecedented, ranking in the forefront of the province; the network infrastructure is increasingly upgraded, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization is further promoted. 13 other enterprises have passed the assessment of the national standard implementation system for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and the number ranks in the forefront of the province. Combined with the actual situation of our city, we have built an industry Internet platform around eight key sub-sectors, including new energy vehicles and accessories, smart door locks, magnetic materials, and optoelectronics. Transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing.

This conference brings together industry leaders from all walks of life. Alibaba Cloud, Birla Technology, Central Control Technology, Transfar Zhilian, NetEase Cloud, Midi Information and Zheda Technology also made experience promotions in their respective fields.

The conference also held the awarding ceremony of the Provincial Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Zone, the "1+N" Industrial Internet Signing Ceremony, the Joint Construction Signing Ceremony of the Industrial Internet (Jinhua) Innovation Center, and the establishment ceremony of the Jinhua Industrial Internet Expert Committee.


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