SEOKHO Robot Training Center

      SEOKHO Robotics Training Center is one of the most advanced industrial robot training bases in central Zhejiang. So far, it has trained more than 300 robot engineers for industrial users. We provide an integrated teaching mode that combines theory and practice (50:50), and the training covers: robot operators, robot programmers, robot maintenance engineers, and robot cell designers. We welcome you to sign up for our training program at any time, whether you are our customer or not, we will provide you with completely free and professional robotics engineer training services.

Theoretical course

Robot basic operation 2 days
Robot Operation Training 1 2 days
Robot Programming 1 5 days
Electrical maintenance 5 days
Robot Programming 2 5 days
Industrial Bus Technology 1 2 days
Industrial Bus Technology 2 2 days
Security robot 3 days
Robot Mechanical Maintenance 4 days

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