Development path

      By providing intuitive and intelligent automation solutions, SEOKHO has been supporting manufacturing companies of all sizes, looking to the future and meeting expectations.




December: Became the third batch of "machine substitution" engineering service companies in Zhejiang Province


October: Became the contractor of the "machine substitution" engineering service platform for the tool hardware industry in Jinhua City


January: Jinhua "machine substitution" engineering service company


September: Top Ten Service Organizations in Jinhua City


December: First prize in the structural category of Jinhua Industrial Design Competition


February: Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises

May: Jinhua High-tech Research and Development Center

July: Zhejiang Province Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise

October: ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

November: National high-tech enterprise

December: Jinhua Industrial Design Center

December: First prize in the structural category of Jinhua Industrial Design Competition

December: Vice-chairman unit of G60 Science and Technology Corridor Robot Industry Alliance


January: Director unit of Jinhua Industrial Design Association

July: Won the third prize of the "Maker China" Small and Medium Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition Jinhua Division Finals

October: Jinhua University Student Internship Base

October: Intellectual property management system certification

November: Zhejiang AA "Contract-honoring and credit-worthy" enterprise

December: Awarded as Jinhua Patent Demonstration Enterprise

December: Jinhua City Trademark and Brand Demonstration Enterprise

December: Quality management system certification

December: Occupational Health Management System Certification

December: Environmental Management System Certification


February: The fifth batch of provincial key enterprises for emergency supplies and national key enterprises for the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic

February: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's first batch of key enterprises for the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic

February: SEOKHO Intelligent Manufacturing Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center

February: Industrial Internet Professional Service Provider in the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta

April: Chairman Yu Xing was selected into the "Jinhua Good People List"

June: Standardization of the management system for the integration of industrialization and industrialization

July: "Double-qualified" teacher training base

December: Secretary-General Unit of Jinhua Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Technology Alliance


March: "Growing Star" of Small and Micro Enterprises in Zhejiang Province


June: Jinhua City's "Fish Breeding" Cultivation Enterprise


August: Zhejiang AAA "Contract-honoring and credit-worthy" enterprise


September: The 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Growth Group Winner Award


November: The second prize of the Jinkai Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to Create the Future


December: Second prize in the structural category of Jinhua Industrial Design Competition


December: The camshaft automatic robot production line was awarded the first set of products in Zhejiang Province


December: Jinhua Skills Master Workstation


December: Vice-chairman unit of Jinhua Industrial Design


January: Passed the national high-tech enterprise recognition review
January: Professor Wang Zhiming from the Jin Vocational College joined the Shuohe Group by joining Baibo
March: Shuohe Branch was awarded "Five Star Grassroots Party Organization"
March: Research, development and application of key common technologies for intelligent assembly, municipal key projects
August: Shuohe joined the Institute of Technology Innovation at Zhejiang Normal University
September: Comrade Sheng Xiaoxiang was awarded the honor of "Zhejiang Craftsman"
September: Representatives of Shuohe participated in the torch relay of the 17th Zhejiang Provincial Games
September: The research and development of truss robot system was approved as a major project in the city
October: ELF30i truss robot passed the accreditation of the Machinery Industry Federation
October: Passed the quality management system certification review
October: Passed the reevaluation of occupational health management system certification
October: Passed the environmental management system certification review
November: Passed the review of intellectual property management system


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