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        We focus on R&D, manufacturing, sales and industrial robot system integration of truss-type industrial robots.

        Especially in the field of CNC machine tool loading and unloading, SEOKHO provides truss-type industrial robots ELF, VALAR, ERU series with a maximum load of 2000kg, a maximum speed of over 6m/s, and a maximum acceleration of over 1.28G, making customer automation easier. The product has been approved by the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and the first (set) equipment in Zhejiang Province in 2021 has been registered by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. It has 23 invention patents and 28 software copyrights. It has established a provincial-level intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center, and it is the main participant in the construction of robot industry chain standard system in Zhejiang Province.
        As a manufacturer of truss-type industrial robots, in the field of industrial robot system integration: from individual production halls to entire production systems, our R&D and project centers are experts in the field of system integration. From project management, process technology development to overall engineering services, from the initial idea to the finished product, we are with you all the way.
        The company has built an industrial robot training center with complete supporting facilities to provide customers with free robot training services. Taking the digital and intelligent transformation of 5G+ industrial Internet enabled manufacturing enterprises as an opportunity, we are committed to providing high-quality innovation for industrial customers and integrated services to help enterprises accelerate the transformation and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing.We are Zhejiang SEOKHO Robot technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2015


    The company was founded in 2015

  • 56

    56 core R&D personnel

  • 15.10


    Registered capital of 15.1 million

  • 188

    Has 188 patented technologies


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